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Sales Pros Get Paid, Amateurs Don’t Book



Stepping into the arena of sales is a dangerous game. If you’re tired of surviving and want to start thriving in sales, then this book is for you! With over two hundred tips covering anything and everything sales, you will be provided with all that you need to truly perfect your craft as a salesperson.

Athletes are required to study their playbooks intently before they ever step out onto the field. To become a champion, you must have a game plan, and follow that game plan. In “Sales Pros Get Paid, Amateurs Don’t: Playbook of a Sales Pro,” David Villa will go over the steps required to go from a novice to an expert, an apprentice to a master, a rookie to a veteran, a contender to a champion.

And an amateur, to a professional.

Professionals get paid, amateurs do not.

Which one are you?

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